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Application Flow

  • Sign-up & create login
  • Login & Select the Category
  • Fill up all the mandatory fields, and complete the Form - I (Operational Matrix) to be able to proceed to Form – II.
  • After filing Form - II, Click on ‘Final Submit’ to submit your application.

Important Instructions

  • All the Fields are mandatory, mention NA for fields which are not applicable to you. Please do not leave any field blank.
  • In case the system is left inactive, the session will expire in 30 Mins
  • Save the applications continuously every 10-15 mins to avoid any session errors.
  • Do not cross the word limits, wherever it is applicable, as the system would not accept beyond the defined word limit.
  • To submit multiple applications in the same category, you need to fill ONLY Part – II for each new application henceforth. Click on the category name on the dashboard, to access the fresh Part – II application form as well as to access the previously filled saved form.
  • Forms can be saved at any stage and can be completed by logging -in later.
  • Hospitals Chains should select ‘Private/Public Hospital’ while sign-up process to access all the hospital’s eligible category.