Day 01: Nov 07, 2016
09:00 – 10:00 Registration and Welcome Tea
10:00 – 11:15 Inaugural Session
10:00 – 10:10

Welcome Address by Dr. A. Didar Singh
Secretary General, FICCI

10:10 – 10:20

Opening Address by Ms. Madhavi Lall
Co-Chair Conference Committee & Head HR, Deutsche Bank India

10:20 – 10:30 Theme Address by Mr. Prithvi Shergill
Co-Chair Conference Committee & CHRO, HCL Technologies
10:30 – 10:40 Conference Address by Mr. Saugata Mitra
Chief People Officer & Group Head HR, Mother Dairy Fruit & Vegetables Pvt. Ltd
10:40 – 10:50 Special Address by Mr. Premlesh Machama
MD, Career Builder, India
10:50 – 11:00 Inaugural Address by Shri Asheesh Sharma
Joint Secretary, Ministry of Skill Development & Entrepreneurship
11:00 – 11:05 Vote of Thanks by Mr. M. A. Patil
Director – FQF & RCM
11:05 – 11:30 Tea Break
11:30 – 13.00

Panel Discussion I on:
’A journey from Class Rooms to Board Rooms’
Session Brief:
One of the core focus areas of this conference is having a dialogue on what is the right mix of Academia-
Industry linkage to address the growing gap between professional degrees/diplomas vis a vis skills (soft
and technical) required for getting a job and performing at the job at a level which meets the
expectation of the employer. In this session we will hear from academicians what are the prevailing
techniques being offered by academia to prepare students for professional life after completing their
courses, what is the level of engagement with Industry to implement these techniques and what is
working and what is not and why. Industry will provide their inputs on what are their pain areas when
they recruit students from colleges/universities, what steps are being taken to address these pain areas
and can any of these steps be implemented at the source (college/university level) to benefit both
academics and industry. HR practitioners will give an insight on successful examples where certain
processes/steps have bolstered the Academia-Industry connect and how these examples may be broad
Moderator: Ms. Madhavi Lall
(Co-chair conference committee & Head HR, Deutsche Bank India)

• Ms. Neeti Sharma – Sr. Vice President & Co-Founder, Team Lease Services Ltd
• Prof. Amit Mookerjee – Dean & Head, IIM Lucknow, Noida Campus
• Dr. Jitendra Das – Director, FORE School of Management
• Mr. Rajeev Kumar – Global Head, Campus Hiring Wipro Limited
• Mr. Ahmad Mehdi – Director, Adroit HR Straight
Q&A for 15 mins

13.00 – 14:00 Lunch
Nov 07 – 08, 2016, New Delhi
14:00 – 15:30 Panel Discussion II on:
“Transforming HR: Leveraging Cutting-Edge SaaS Technology for Strategic Talent Management”
Session Brief:
Digitization is changing Businesses, Talent and the Nature of Work at a pace faster than ever before. It
has changed the way we work, the way we communicate and the way we lead our lives. All business
units within organizations need to cope with this change but for HR this may be an opportunity to not
only cope with the change but leverage it with implementation of cutting edge technologies in
consonance with sound people practices for talent management. In this session we will hear from
solution providers how digital technologies such as IoTs (Internet of Things), Mobile, XaaS (Everything
as a Service) and Analytics are requiring employers and HRIT leaders to Reshape their HR strategies,
reconsider their HR technologies and Re-Design how they deliver solutions to their employees. This
session will also touch upon how government is using available technologies to disseminate capacity
building modules for skill upgradation. We will also learn how forward-thinking organizations are
embracing Newer Digital Technologies to transform their HR solutions and programs in order to deliver
greater value to the business.
Moderator: Dr. Sandhya Chintala
(Vice President- NASSCOM Executive Director -Sector Skills Council NASSCOM)
• Ms. S. Radha Chauhan – President and CEO, National e-Governance Division, DeitY
(Department of Electronics and Information Technology)
• Mr. Vikrant Khanna – Lead Insights & Innovation, Asia Pacific & Middle east, Aon Hewitt
• Mr. Anurag Malik – Partner, E&Y
• Mr. Arun Dhaka – Country Director, Cornerstone On Demand
• Mr. Pushkar Kumar – Corporate HR Business Leader, Cairn India
Q&A for 15 mins
15:30 – 16:00 Tea Break
16:00 – 17:30 Session I on:
‘On boarding and Engaging the Talent in the Digital Age: Building Employee Value’
Session Brief:
On boarding and employee engagement are no longer perfunctory tasks or jargon for HR personnel to
use in their discussions but are critical to meeting strategic goals of organizations and retaining the best
talent. Successful companies have long realized that engagement with employees starts before the on
boarding process, during it, continues throughout the tenure of the employee within that organization
and in some cases goes on even after their tenure has ended. With the increase in use of technology in
all aspects of business operations, HR as a function has also turned to technology to on board and
engage with employees but now the focus is to use this technology as a tool for building employee
value. In this session we will hear from Industry about the various digitally driven initiatives it
undertakes to on board talent and continuously engage with them which have yielded business results.
This session will also provide insights from solutions providers on what are the best practices for using
technology backed by robust processes to on board and engage with talent for building employee value.
Chair: Mr Prithvi Shergill
Co-Chair Conference Committee & CHRO, HCL Technologies
Presentations by:
• Ms. Pooja Malik – VP HR, Anand Automotives Ltd.
• Ms. Kiran Singh – GM, Corporate HR for EVP and Employer Branding, Mother Dairy
• Mr. Unmesh Pawar – Global HR Managing Director – Products Operating Group, Accenture
• Mr. Wallace Shah – Director & Country Head, Lausanne Hospitality Consulting
Q&A for 15 mins
Day 2: Nov 08, 2016
09:30 – 11:00 Panel Discussion III on:
‘How Technology is changing the Landscape of Talent Acquisition’
Session Brief:
It is view of the HR community that Talent Acquisition as a process is going to be the largest
consumer of technology in the HR domain. Assessing talent is no longer driven by traditional
methods which were employed 5-10 years back, organizations are deploying technology driven
processes to source, assess and acquire talent and at the same time optimize their cost of talent
acquisition. In this session we will hear from Industry how technology has had a positive impact
across the active stages of Talent Acquisition i.e. ‘Sourcing to on boarding’, how clear and specific
employer branding and its communication over various forms of new age media increases the
percentage of getting relevant candidates in sourcing and how technology is helping in optimizing
hiring costs. Deliberations from solution providers will touch upon what are the emerging trends in
talent acquisition from use of big data in sourcing to use of digital platforms for shortlisting and on
boarding. This session will also throw light on what steps can organizations which are struggling
with adoption of technology in HR domain take to harness its power.
Moderator: Mr. Sreekanth Arimanithaya
Managing Director, CSC India & Global Lead- Workforce Management, CSC
• Mr. Premlesh Machama – MD, Career Builder India
• Mr. Prashant Bhatnagar – Senior Director, People & Culture, Hike Messenger
• Mr. M. V. S. Murthy – Chief – People Office, nFDIL (A Future Group Company)
• Ms. Rinku Kaul – Managing Director, Talent Supply Chain, Accenture
Q&A for 15 mins
11:00 – 11:30 Tea Break
11:30 – 13:00 Session II on:
‘Emerging Trends in HR’
Session Brief:
With the evolution of technology, changing job requirements and human aspirations, trends in HR
are also seeing a shift like every other business vertical. Every few years certain breakthrough trends
appear, some of them sustain owing to their business sense while other trends are left on the
wayside owing to their unsustainability. In today’s session we will hear about how through
employee integration businesses are headed towards performance revolution. Presentations in this
session will also showcase evolution of employee engagement techniques targeted towards
preventive health check-up, team building, motivation, etc. We will also hear about how the power
of perspective can drive diversity and inclusion at the workplace.
Chair: Ms. Ester Martinez
CEO & Editor-in-Chief at People Matters
Presentations on:
• ‘The Performance Revolution’ – Mr. Unmesh Pawar, Global HR Managing
Director, Products Operating Group, Accenture
• ‘Employee Engagement’ – Mr. Rajesh Kumar, Head – Sporting Solutions,
• ‘The world of HR Service has transformed – it’s time to transform our choices’ –
Mr. Gaurav Bakshi, MD, Strat-Board Service
• ‘Power of Perspective’- Ms. Karuna Ahuja, Founder & Director, Chrom Consulting
Q&A for 15 mins
13:00 – 14:00 Lunch
14:00 – 15:30 Panel Discussion IV & Closing Plenary on:
‘Empower HR through Apprenticeship’
Session Brief:
Apprenticeships are the real backbone of any industry. However, India is yet to unleash the huge
potential that apprenticeship program holds, which could be the steering wheel to take the economy
forward at a fast pace. Apprenticeship Amendment Act 2014 specifies that every employer or
industry establishment irrespective of the sector who has more than 40 employees including indirect
workers, have to mandatory comply with Apprenticeship Act. Presently there are only about 35000
employers across country which is complying with the Apprenticeship Act! Participation from
industry is very dis-proportional considering the eligibility size of Indian establishments.
Apprenticeship training is one of the most important aspects of Skill India mission launched by
honourable Prime Minister, Govt. of India. FICCI has been instrumental in making the apprentice act
industry friendly and is working closely with Ministry of Skill Development, MHRD and international
agencies such as World Bank, ILO and UNDP for encouraging industry for apprenticeship adoption.
Chair: Shri Asheesh Sharma
Joint Secretary, Ministry of Skill Development & Entrepreneurship
• Ms. Anu Gupta – Head Skills Development, DFID India
• Mr. S. K. Mehta – Director, Board of Apprenticeship Training (NR), Ministry of Skill
Development & Entrepreneurship
• Mr. Rajeev Khurana – General Manager, Vocational School (ITI & Students
Training) Training Academy, Maruti Suzuki India Ltd.
• Mr. Pawan Yadav – Plant HR Head, Subros Ltd.
Q&A for 15 mins
15:30 – 16:00 Recap, Closing Remarks and Way Forward
16:00 hrs. onwards Tea and Closure of Conference