~:: FICCI Survey on Exports - September 2018 ::~
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Q1. The global economy is on the mend and demand conditions in many economies are improving. An improvement in the global economy is usually associated with an improvement in performance of exports. In case of India, data for the last few months shows that our exports have not fully benefitted from the improved economic conditions globally. Can you share your views on this and what are the reasons you think behind the same?
Q2. How would you rate the present credit conditions regarding exports? Do you think the banks are supporting exporters adequately through timely availability of credit on reasonable terms? Please share details on specific issues being faced related to export financing.
Q3. The government has taken measures to ease the problems related to refund of GST for the exporters. Can you share some details on the specific issues with regard to GST refunds that need to be still addressed by the government for further improving the situation?
Q4. Logistics costs add a significant amount to the costs / price of our exports. What steps in your view can the government take to bring down the same and support exporters.
Q5. What do you think is the appropriate value of the Indian Rupee vis-à-vis US$, which will be supportive of our exports performance?
Q6. In the most recent Union Budget, government announced the extension of the fixed term employment to all sectors. Do you see this as a positive move and will this help improve the competitiveness of the export sector of the country?
Q7. Many countries globally have focussed attention on select sectors for promoting national exports. Can you share five sectors where you think India can gain considerable market share in the global market with adequate policy and infrastructure support from the government?
Q8. What is your perception about the Free Trade Agreements India has entered into with different countries? Are you aware of the concessions available under some of these FTAs and has Indian exporters gained market access due to such agreements?
Q9. Some of the major developed economies, notably US, have raised tariffs on imports of select items and as a response to this a few other countries have also followed suit. What challenges and opportunities do you think these developments can pose for Indian exports? ( kindly attach an extra sheet if needed)

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Debashish Pal
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Economic Affairs & Research
Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry
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