~:: Gearing for A Digital Landscape
Assessing Readiness of HR for a Digital Tomorrow ::~

We are in in the era of a volatile and changing world. Technology is disrupting every Industry. All business leaders are concerned about being better adapted in enabling their organizations not just survive but thrive in the coming years. HR has to play dual roles:
  • Orient HR itself to the new world- especially the challenges and opportunities provided by the rapid digitization and automation (including AI/machine learning, Bot led processes.)
  • Enable the organizations they are in to adapt and thrive in this environment

This includes both the hard changes required -in terms of systems, technologies and processes and soft changes -including capability development and alignment and mindset shifts required.

At FICCI we think this is the opportune time to take stock, share collective insights and trigger change for long lasting impact to Organizations and Individuals. We would delighted if you could fill in the following questionnaire and send it back to us by _____________. We will be collating it and sharing the report with you in November…

Participants: HR executives across all levels / CXOs / Learning Professionals

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Ques 1. Digital HR is a part of our overall HR Strategy
  a Yes, to a significant extent
  b Yes, to a limited extent
  c We have a plan but yet to put in action
  d No
  e Don’t know
Ques 2. Digital HR is a part of the overall Technology Strategy
  a Yes
  b No
  c No idea
Ques 3. I have a component of Digital HR built into my goals today
  a Yes
  b No
  c I am not clear
Ques 4. Digital HR, according to me, is primarily for
  a Operational efficiency 
  b Taking better decisions
  c Reducing cost of HR
  d Not clear of its impact
Ques 5. Digital HR has impacted the following services the most
  a HR operations (payroll etc)
  b Learning & Development
  c Recruitment
  d Manpower planning
Ques 6. Are your systems cloud based
  a Yes
  b No
  c Plan to migrate within the next 12 months
  d Plan to migrate within the next 24 months or beyond
Ques 7. Have you started using AI (Artificial Intelligence) in any of your HR processes
  a Yes
  b No
Ques 8. How do you currently use HR analytics
  a Analyse data and present trends
  b Drive better decisions 
  c Reduce cost
  d Can’t see the value 
Ques 9. Is your organization developing you for the Digital Future
  a Yes
  b No
  c There have been some awareness sessions
  d There has been focused development to build specific skills
Ques 10. Current HR technology used in my organization is:
  a Comprehensive and world class
  b Need based and local /developed in-house  
Ques 11. My organization has used social media effectively for
  a Internal communication
  b Building an employee network
  c Focused employer branding
  d I don’t see a clear strategy
Ques 12. Has my organization started using Social media platforms for employee engagement
  a In a significant way
  b In a limited way
  c No
Ques 13. Are chat applications like ‘Whatsapp/Slack’ used as decision enabling and monitoring tools in your organization
  a In a significant way, for decisions even at senior level
  b In a limited way, for information exchange
  c Not used effectively
Ques 14. How true is the statement - people in my organization are ready to thrive in the Digital era.
  a Significantly true
  b Moderately true
  c Moderately untrue
  d Significantly untrue
Ques 15. Investment in new age technologies forms a significant part of my HR Budget and my organization is committed to a digital future
  a Yes
  b No
  c It’s project based
  d I have no idea 
Ques 16. My organization has invested in change management interventions to enable people to adapt to the Digital Future
  a Yes
  b No
Ques 17. Technology has impacted how we manage manpower and we have a strategy towards
  a Hiring more people on contract
  b Encouraging people to work from home
  c Hiring freelancers for specific projects and durations
Ques 18. According to you, to what degree do our fresh graduates we get from our colleges show a match in terms of having background knowledge and basic skills for the future oriented roles in our organizations
  a A very good match 
  b A moderate match
  c A moderate mis-match
  d A significant mis-match
Ques 19. My organization has invested in educating us on managing data security in the new economy
  a Yes
  b No
Ques 20. My organization is actively leveraging new technologies and moving towards gaming an simulations for learning and development
  a Yes
  b No
  c Limited use of technology e.g. for webinars and e-learning
Ques 21. On a scale of 10, I would rate HR’s involvement in organization’s Digital Strategy as: (1 being for no involvement and 10 being for involvement at the highest level)
Ques 22. As an HR representative, If you are to suggest three actions your organization should take to leverage the opportunities created by the oncoming disruptive digital world they would be: (please mention in 3 bullet points)

Thank you for participating in the Survey

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