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Learning Philosophies India, 2018 & Beyond - Rethinking L&D Fundamentals

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While substantial development has taken place in the world of Learning - catalyzed by the new age workforce, technology and innovation, we still grapple with a few fundamental questions & dilemmas, which often remain unanswered.

FICCI in Collaboration with Strat-Board presents this incisive Learning Philosophies Report - with a view to take stock, share collective insights and trigger change for long lasting impact to Organizations and Individuals.

Participants: CHROs / HR Leaders / CXOs / Learning Professionals
Survey Report: All participants get a complimentary access to the detailed Survey Report
Personal Views: We understand that the responses to this survey reflect your personal views and are not an Organisational represenatation
Confidentiality: The Survey is anonymous and only collective results shall be published. Demographic details will be used for analysis

1. In your view, the learning function should be:
a. Integral part of HR Team
b. Partly with HR & partly with Business
c. Integral part of Business
d. Stand-alone unit
Please specify the main reason for your choice
2. Which Learning Format has been your most preferred in the recent times (Rank in order of preference)
Rank in order of (1-8) 1 = highest, 8 = lowest
a. Class room learning
b. E-Learning/M-Learning
c. On the Job Learning
d. Experiential Learning
e. Coaching & Mentoring
f. Peer to Peer Learning
g. Project led learning
h. Gaming/Simulations/Contests
3. What is the average structured Learning hours you consider critical & aim to invest per employee during the course of the year:
a. 16 - 24 hours
b. 24 - 48 hours
c. 48 - 72 hours
d. 72 - 96 hours
e. >96 hours
f. This does not matter
4. What is the percentage (%) of internal and external facilitators generally used by you for delivering instructor led sessions (distribute a total of 100):
5. Of the total learning hours consumed by employees, what is percentage (%) of online vs other training formats used by you (distribute a total of 100):
6. Out Of the learning interventions launched during last few years; what is the percentage of programs which have been successfully running with demonstrated impact over the years:
Mention % Here:
What is the nature of these programs
7. How will you describe your journey of creating a larger learning menu, serving individual preferences and largely self-led:
a. Matured
b. Developing
c. In the making
d. Yet to get started
e. Not yet required
8. Often we see L&D Functions, focus more on Soft Skills Vs Technical/Functional Skills, what in your view is the main reason behind this:
a. There is a lack of assessment of learning needs in functional aspects
b. HR needs to understand Business better to create more Functional/Technical learning
c. This is what the Business expects from HR/L&D departments
d. Technical/Functional requirements are best driven by Business and supported by HR
e. Any Others (please specify)
9. Learning investments especially in soft skills have been subject to ROI dilemmas, what in your view is the way HR should approach this matter (rank in order of higher potential impact) Rank in order of (1-4) 1 = highest, 4 = lowest
a. Greater feedback & impact measurement mechanisms
b. Stronger learning culture
c. Exemplifying learning led success
d. Higher Learner & Line Manager Co-ownership
e. Any Others (please specify)
10. Where are you on your journey on the following elements defining the future of learning: Matured/Developing/In the making/Yet to get started/Not yet required
  Matured Developing In the Making Yet to start Not required
a. Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC’s)
b. On the go/Byte Size Learning
c. Gamified Learning
d. AI & Machine based
e. Simulations

11. Which of the following do you use as structured inputs while designing your annual learning charter (Always Sometimes Not Yet)
  Always Sometimes Not Yet
a. Employee views
b. Leadership/Business priorities
c. Line Manager input
d. PMS and other employee data
e. Market Intelligence
f. Engagement Levels
g. Talent Classification

12. What are your top 3 priorities for the L&D Function for the next couple of years: (please mention in 3 bullet points)

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